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How to Edit Ninja Forms Submissions from site frontend

Users can now edit & update their submitted Ninja Forms submissions using the Edit Entry Addon for Views for Ninja Forms.

First, install the Edit Entry Add-on by downloading it from your account. Edit Entry is available to all Developer License holders of NFViews.

Ninja Form Views Edit Submissions Addon Installation Page

Now go to your View & add Edit Entry field to your View

Ninja Forms Views Edit Entry button

The last step is to click on Edit Entry Settings under View Settings & enter the page link where you have Ninja Forms. This form will be prefilled with all the entry info & submitting it will save and update the Submission.
This form should be the same as you have selected in “View Source ” of View Settings.

Ninja Forms Views Edit Submission Settings

That’s it, Now save the View & go to your view. The edit Entry link will show up on all submissions that are submitted by logged-in User as well as for Administrator.

Ninja Forms Views Edit Entry Link

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