Views for Ninja Forms

The best plugin to display Ninja Forms Entries on your site frontend
  • Display Entries in Table, List or DataTable View
  • Allow users to edit Entries they created
  • Filter & Sort Entries in View
  • Display only Approved Entries
  • Search Widget to allow users to search View
  • Unlimited Views

Get Views for Ninja Forms


Check out all the awesome features of NFViews have
to display your submissions on site frontend.

Drag & Drop Builder

Easily arrange the fields in different columns with drag and drop builder. Create the perfect layout is no longer a hassle.

Table, List & DataTable View

Flexibility to display data in either table, list or datatable view

Edit Entries

Allow users to Edit their submitted Entries from site frontend.

Advanced Filtering

Filter data by any field/fields to show only submissions which meet the set criteria.

Search Widget

Add the input search on top of entries so users get access to any certain entry without going through number of pages.

Single Entry View

Single Entry View page for each entry allowing you to display only important data in View and all other data in separate page.

Advance Sorting

Sort the form submissions by their attributes, types and add condition to show them as you want.

Approve Entries

Admin can display all Entries in View or only those Entries which are aprroved.


Limit the number of entries which are displayed on each page. Add pagination at top and/or bottom.

Custom Headings

Set custom headings for table columns or by default it will automatically use the name of the field as a column heading.

Custom HTML

Show custom HTML data anywhere in view. Show it before/after the table or in table-cells.

Unlimited Views

No limit on how many Views you can create. Create as many as you need.

and many more features...

Simple pricing

Choose the perfect plan for your business.

Here’s what people are saying about us!

Simple and powerfull plugin to display ninja forms submissions. Interface is very easy to use with drag and drop to build the layout and simple to customize.

- @ldeschenes

It is important that owners of a specific contact form gets the ability to see online how their project is performing. This plugin is very helpful.

- @Knopenman

By far the best customer service I have ever gotten from any plugin. They really go above and beyond to make it work the way you need it to. Would definitely recommend this plug-in to anyone.

- @murrydeanna

This is what I'm looking for! Thank you dear developers for this very useful plugin. I will buy the pro version for sure. Continue like this, don't stop

- @wooscott