Sort Ninja Forms Entries by Field Value

NFViews offers powerful sorting capabilities for Ninja Forms entries displayed in a view. You can easily sort entries by field value and apply multiple sorting conditions. This means that if you’ve created a table or list view for your entries, their order can be customized and managed effectively using the Sort settings.

Steps to Sort Ninja Forms Entries by Field Value

1. First edit your view

Go to NFViews -> Views page and then edit the View you want to sort.

Screenshot 2021 07 29 at 10.04.28 PM

2. Click on Sort & Filter tab

Open the Sort Settings inside View Settings box in the sidebar.

nf views sort settings

3. Select the Form Field to Sort the results

You can sort by multiple field values, click on the + icon to add more sort conditions.

nf views sort by multiple fields

4. Save View

save nf views